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      Latest Post

      Bernie Leads IGS Poll, With Boost from Bloomberg


      Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has taken the lead in the California Democratic primary with a little help — $30 million in broadcast advertising — from one of the billionaires he loves to rail against: former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Consolidating support among the state’s youngest and its most liberal voters, Sanders now draws 26%… »

      Why We Need a United Front Against Trump (UFAT)


      With the first votes about to be cast in Iowa, New Hampshire and among absentee voters in California (February 22), it’s time for Democrats to form the United Front Against Trump (UFAT). Programs, policies and principles all are important aspects in most elections. But in… »

      Trump is Impeached; Don’t Let Him Off in the Senate


      For months now, Calbuzz has advocated impeaching Donald Trump in the House of Representatives and NOT sending the articles of impeachment to the U.S. Senate, where Mitch McConnell’s rabid Republicans would instantly acquit the president. Now that Trump has been impeached for abuse of power… »

      Why Kamala Dropped Out and What She Can Do Now


      California Sen. Kamala Harris quit the presi- dential race Tuesday not because, as she put it, “My campaign for president simply doesn’t have the financial resources we need to… »

      PPIC: Biden, Warren Lead in CA; Harris Way Behind


      Six in 10 voters likely to cast a ballot in the California Democratic primary on March 3 support one of the moderate candidates for president – with former Vice… »

      CA Dem Wrap: Schiff Wows, No Prez Race Shifts


      By the time the California Democratic Party weekend convention in Long Beach ended — after Not-So-Favorite Daughter Kamala Harris took the stage at “Dems, Drinks and Drag Queens”;… »

      Road Trip! Calbuzz Saddles Up for Dem Confab


      Once again, your valiant but aged Calbuzzers saddle up to ride into the psychobattle that is the California Democratic Party’s state convention this weekend – this time in Long… »

      Why Biden’s “Record Player” Goof Was No Gaffe


      Joe Biden’s tossed word-salad response in the last Democratic debate on the question of how government or society ought to respond to the legacy of slavery – in which… »

      Why Biden is, and Should Be, the Dem Frontrunner


      As the Democratic candidates for president gather Thursday night in Houston for another “debate” – the first in which the top three contenders will share the stage – the… »

      No, Mr. Trump, There is No ‘Invasion’ from the South


      President Trump continually uses the word “invasion” to describe the immigration issue on the U.S. Southern border not just for its inflammatory, provocative and incendiary usefulness to his cause,… »

      Perils of Polling: Does Kamala Really Lead Joe?


      Fans of U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris rejoiced last week when the well-known Quinnipiac University Poll found her leading former Vice President Joe Biden in the race for the Democratic… »

      Why It’s Way Too Soon to Celebrate Kamala Harris


      Amid the Kamala Harris triumph- alism now reverberating through the Beltway echo chamber, Calbuzz interrupts this program to bring Democrats this public service reminder: The 2020 presidential election is… »

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